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Default Re: Let's start with the predictions - FIRST 10 GAMES

Originally Posted by Rameek
one week only 2 games

Nov. 9 - vs Dallas
Nov. 13 - @ Orlando

I didnt realize this big break there is no excuse for not even better the next 2 games. They better win.

Nov. 15 - @ San Antonio
Nov. 16 - @ Memphis

This is the real test. Not only because its on the road but because these are 2 playoff bound teams. They cant lose both if they are going to be legit. 2 close loses doesnt cut it. If this team is real early win both. Wouldnt be mad over a split.

Nov. 18 - vs Indiana
Nov. 20 - @ New Orleans
Nov. 21 - @ Dallas

Indiana lost Granger for 3 months now. If Anthony Davis isnt there that team is awful. No Dirk. The Knicks are older so this traveling 6 games in a week is tough. I think Woodson will monitor minutes and should monitor the KRUST minutes during this stretch. 2-1 wouldnt be terrible and honestly I wouldnt kill them if they struggled to go 1-2.

7-3 would be awesome, 6-4 not bad.

I don't think we match up well with Dallas. I expect us to lose at least one of those games.

We should spank Orlando. Big Baby has been playing very well but c'mon. That's a game we're supposed to win big.Emphasis on the "supposed to" part.

I expect us to lose to San Antonio. They're a veteran team that executes and they're playing at home.

Memphis home games are bananas. That one should be interesting. Melo stuck the dagger in them last time. I'm split about that one because Melo laid an egg last year vs Rudy plus their strength is their big man and we won't have Amare. Melo is good at PF but not against a traditional one like Z-Bo.

I think Indiana has one of the deepest teams in the NBA. I dont think the Granger injury hurts them that much. Gerald Green has been playing fairly well and they are finally starting to wisen up and play Lance Stephenson a little more. Who knows how long that'll last though. If he plays significant minutes at the backup PG, I think he's going to kill Prigioni That's a pickem game to me and a potential playoff matchup. I'm gonna go Knicks if you put a gun to my head.

New Orleans is a fiesty young team. Monty Williams is a terrific young coach. Greivas Vasquez is an underrated player. That being said, if we're a legit team, we're supposed to spank those young thundercats lol.
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