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Default Re: Jerry Jones promises he will always be GM

Originally Posted by niko
No, they said Jimmy was responsibly for drafting. He was always given credit. The Cowboys were the big story. The ring they won 2 years later was with the same coach. How much credit did they give JJ for Barry winning?

Sometimes i think the Cowboy fans on this board either didn't watch games way back when, or think none of the rest of us do. Jerry's revisionist history after Jimmy left that he made all the picks is just that, revisionist history.

Knowing what you do of Jimmy Johnson, and how the years after the falloff in the cowboys from winning what felt like every year to not at all, you think Jimmy wasn't choosing the players?

You're full of it. You defend on reflex. I guess we agree, we both hope Jerry stays on as GM.
FIRST OF ALL...Jerry gets the credit regardless of who made the picks


If Jerry gets the blame for Garrett (and other bad coaches) then he gets the cred for Jimmy or anyone else that did "good"

second, wtf does "watching the games" have to do with this issue?...I watched them all, is that supposed to clue me in on who picked the players? lol

I am just saying I what I remember...Jerry gets cred either way, that doesn't change in this debate
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