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Default Re: Jerry Jones promises he will always be GM

Originally Posted by niko
Not at all. Jerry's clearly did a lot of good at GM, i've said many times i think Dallas has a lot of talent. (Note: you tend to argue the opposite. But i guess right now that's not something you are going to say.) They also have a lot of holes, tend to be too quick to trade draft picks (Roy Williams anyone?) and the choice of coaches has been, what's a good word? Horrible?

The NFL is built on accountability and the owner being the GM removes that accountability from the two most important layers of your organization, because if the owner likes the coach, then the GM and the coach are fixtures forever.

It also blocks you from hiring and good GM/Coach candidates like Gruden, etc. because they won't take the job.
what? Gruden would LOVE to coach in Dallas and has made that clear

really I don't think there is a single available coach out there that Jerry couldn't get if he wanted...
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