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Default Re: New Raptor Kyle Lowry brings 'bulldog' mentality to team

Originally Posted by Zan Tabak
With the style he plays(balls to the wall) it doesn't surprise me he's injured. I respect that style a ton, but it comes with a price.
True, but he's also not as fragile as a TJ Ford. He's one of those new age style pg's like Westbrook who play with wreckless abandon, get banged up on a night in and night out basis and more often than not they play through it. I think last nights injury (which looked horrible as I was watching his reaction live) was actually just because he thought something worse than an ankle sprain had happened to him. I think in the long run he'll be ok, and should be good to go for at least 65-70 games which would be good enough. What i'm torn about now is that he will make a pretty significant difference in terms of W/L, so i'm scared of being a borderline playoff team and ending up with a 10-13th pick.
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