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Default Re: Jerry Jones promises he will always be GM

Originally Posted by niko
So what's the problem them? Your GM just picks bad coaches? Who is the GM again?

You make me laugh, i guarantee if the Giants don't sniff being good for 10 years i'm not going to give you a detailed analysis of why everything we do is great and nothing should change.
sometimes things just don't come together niko, I wish we could win EVERY SINGLE SUPER BOWL, I really do I swear to God, but that isn't realistic

If all teams were equal everyone would win 1 ring each 32 years...

shear luck plays a big factor in this as well...Indy has been lucky enough to get the #1 pick while Peyton and Luck were there, other teams haven't been so lucky, in the 90s, Dallas was lucky enough to get Aikman at #1...and hit on many other picks...sometimes busts are impossible to see coming, no one is fortune teller...
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