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Default Re: Lakers beat Pistons for first win of season. Now 1-3

Originally Posted by mr sax
Oh my, aren't we sensitive. You don't like people who disagree with you, do you?

I noticed that you didn't address any of the questions I posed to you in my previous response. Why is that?

You also assume that I support Mike Brown. Have we met? How do you think you know so much about me? Please tell me more about myself that I'm not aware of, oh "Wise One" (who supposedly coaches adolescents).

Regarding politics and party affiliation. It doesn't matter to me which political party you are in...figure it out.

In the meantime, if you find my words so offensive....DON'T RESPOND TO MY POSTS.

Simple, see?

I really, really should have listened to my father although you are making this way too easy.


Honestly, I don't care if someone disagrees with me, especially if they have class or what they are saying makes sense. As far as being sensitive, no I am not....but I don't like rude, disrespectful people....IMO, an intelligent person is able to comment or disagree without calling the other person a name.

If you think I need to respond to a post after you try to insult me think again, I respond to whatever I choose to respond to, not what you tell me to.

Why don't you go back to using your old screen name.
If your father is proud of you it tells me a lot about

I really don't care if you are a republican or one of those Tea Bag nutjobs.....makes no difference to me, I have friends in every party and I tell them how I feel about their party candidates.
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