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Default Re: Improving My Game.

Originally Posted by ace23
If you're serious about getting better, you need to do some weight training as well. How much do you bench and squat? Can you touch the rim yet?

Being the most athletic guy on the court will make up for most skill defeciencies you have. Also, you need to play 5 v 5 games as frequently as possible (5x a week maybe) to keep your basketball IQ sharp.

And you should be taking at least 300 shots a day. Make sure to elevate and follow through. Work on your handles as your dribbling to your spot if you're getting your own rebound.

Few dribbling tips/moves:

Dribble low, squating, not bending your back.
Use your eyes to sell everything.

Master these moves (right to left and left to right):

Between the legs crossover
Front crossover
In and out
In and out cross
Wide cross
Hesitation (make sure to use your eyes and keep that head up)

And for passing, make sure to practice faking that chest/overhead pass, then following with a solid bounce pass.

thanks appreciate the tips and not a lot. im pretty skinny.
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