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Default Chris Wilcox is... staying ready


Chris Wilcox doesnít know when heís getting into a game or for how long, so heís come up with a motto to keep him fresh.

ďIf you stay ready, you donít have to get ready,Ē Wilcox said after the Celticsí 100-94 overtime win over the Wizards. ďThatís my motto and thatís what I go by. I just go and work out hard and do whatever Iíve got to do, so when my number is called Iíll be right in the rotation and do exactly what the coach wants me to do.Ē

Wilcox stayed ready on Wednesday, as he came in with just over three minutes left in the third quarter and gave the Cís only four minutes but made the most of them. The power forward made his presence felt by blocking a Kevin Seraphin jump shot and drawing a foul on Jan Vesely to set up a pair of free throws that he made. After a Rajon Rondo steal, Wilcox put in a layup on which he was fouled, though he failed to make it a three-point play.
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