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Default Re: Why aren't I getting better?

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
all very true. no point in really practicing basketball anymore. More important things in life to focus on at that age

good for them. Point is he should just find games on his level and have fun there. There is no point of doing drills by yourself at age 25. That is just a waste of time. There is no reward.
I will have to disagree with the notion that there's never a point in practicing basketball at age 25. Playing basketball and improving my game is one of my favorite free-time activities. It's how I enjoy spending a lot of my non-work hours.

I have to wonder though, what are the more important things in life to focus on at that age? I apologize if I looked past it, but was there an indication that the original poster is planning on working on his game in lieu of having a job and paying bills? If so, I agree, surviving should come first. However, if work is in order, practicing basketball seems to be a perfectly healthy way to spend one's free time. In my personal regard, I take comfort in knowing that my basketball playing and practice results in improved self-confidence and overall health. As a bonus, I love doing it. Where's the downside?

As for finding games on one's own level and just having fun, I can't argue with that. There's nothing wrong with going that route either. However for me, at this point, half the fun is discovering new ways to get things done on the court. This often means practicing new moves and implementing them into games. My skill level and ability (and athleticism) at age 28 greatly eclipses my abilities at age 18, and it's been nothing but fun making that jump.

Of all the crappy things we all do in our free time: playing video games, watching TV, watching movies, chilling on the couch drinking beer, posting on internet message boards, practicing basketball seems like one of the few things that actually seems worthwhile.

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
In order to Make improvements you need a mix of skill work and games. At 25 you should be building your career and setting the foundation for your life. Where does putting in 90 minutes doing skill work multiple times per week + games + lifting fit into the greater scheme of things. Improving in a sport to the point of being good takes a lot of time. Working on skill drills so people compliment you on a ball court would be weird. Honestly, I'd laugh at any 25 year old 5"7 dude running through drills by himself at the park.

Guess it comes down to the fact that I see no benefit from this activity. I think you are weird for wanting to do skill work at 25. This is coming from a former gym rat as well. Do something productive with that extra time.
As mentioned prior, many of us are thankfully allotted a daily amount of free time outside of their jobs. By around 6pm most nights, I'm home free. As such, there's a nice little chunk of time between 6pm and 11pm every night where I can often choose what I want to do. Since I don't have any kids, I enjoy being healthy and in shape and I love basketball, I'll often use some of that free time to lift, run, practice, or play. I personally haven't noticed anyone laughing about me working on my game, but if they did, I'd be prepared to handle it. Performing favorably against high level opponents is a lot more satisfying than correctly guessing the Daily Double on that evening's Jeopardy, which is likely what I'd be doing between 6:30 and 7:30 if I weren't playing ball.

I suppose it depends on one's own personal life view. I think life should be comprised by doing what we love when we're afforded the opportunity. If someone has the time and that's what they enjoy doing, why wouldn't they do it?

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