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Default Re: Frustration is kicking in...

Sorry - not to be mean but you may have had a misplaced sense of optimism.

I think a lot of us projected Raptors 10th place in east. This traditionally translates to around 35 wins on average over the years.

Not withstanding this very young line up and I suppose upside in a number of few players to be realized.... this team does simply does not have the proven talent yet to compete.

Compare this to the vetern "old" line up of the Knicks for example. People dis'ed the team but Kidd/Felton/ Camby add a lot at clutch time. They know their roles - they know how to win !

It could be even worse - this team "could be capable" of only 28 wins honestly. So much of the Raptor improvement comes from commitment to D fence ... but those type of gains only go so far. Other teams inprove as well. Other teams aquire talent to make the Raptors commitment to D not enough to overcome talent gaps.

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