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Default Re: 2012-13 EC regular season prediction game


3 things playing out very early that may upset the list.

1) Bynum not playing and even when he does - will take time to gain chemistry with the 76ers. I am pretty sure they will be there soon when he is in the line up tho...

2) Danny Granger now out for 3 months in Indy. Yikes they need him a lot on that team. They may platoon to cover or trade but Indy will have some challenging times.

3) The Knicks are better than advertised without Amare. But it is early and the strife circus has yet to set in and Amare will be back. That actually may be one and the same observation.

3 things playing out as expected....

1) Your Toronto Raptors....

2) Nets are improved. JJ in Brooklyn adds to the whole team. Lopez seems to be a beneficiary as he has room to score and rebound.

3) Miami....
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