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Default Re: James Harden was dominating, but the Nuggets contained him

A second victory earned

1st Quarter

Faried and Koufos unexplicably were shooting the ball from outside the paint. Yip, combined they went 0-3.

Watched this game under the Houston feed but thanks to the Denver announcers, I paid extra attention to the Nuggets coming out of timeouts. The score was 13-11 Nuggets going into a timeout with 5:33 remaining. The Nuggets finished the quarter outscoring the Rockets 12-7!

2nd Quarter

It took two minutes before Denver hit the board. It was McGee scoring 6 consecutive Nugget points.

Back to the timeout thing. With 4:57 remaining in the half and the Nuggets up 42-35, Houston came out of the timeout extremely sloppy. Lawson took full advantage with a wide open three plus two easy layups for 7 points in 2 minutes. Nuggets finished the half with 14-6 surge and a 15 point lead.

3rd Quarter

ONLY 1 FG, a rebound by Faried at the 5:20 mark. You know it is going to be a bad quarter when Miller and McGee botch an alley oop!

The timeout curse of the Denver announcers would kick in this quarter. After a timeout with 5:53 remaining, the Rockets went on a 10-0 run chopping the lead down to only a bucket. Another timeout with 2:33 remaining would stop the bleeding.

4th Quarter

This quarter featured the weirdest play of the game.

With 1:42 remaining, Houston just closed the gap to 4. You see the long pass travel to Iggy, you also see Lin hitting the ground.

Was there contact, yip! The Houston announcers passed it off as the veteran officials thinking Lin flopped and Iggy is allowed the uncontested shot to put the Nuggets up 91-85.

The "Fist Pumping" moment of the game:

With 3:30 remaining, Harden draws the Rockets within 5 and pumps up the crowd to an OKC noise level. On the ensuing Nugget position, Lawson gets sent to the charity stripe. He misses both shots BUT Gallo is there to tip in the rebound!!

Then after stopping Houston, Miller lobs a paint to paint pass to Faried for the dunk to put the lead back to 9 at 89-80.

Flawless Logic: On the back end of back to back games, which included travelling away from home, would you not figure Denver would show off the depth most people rave this team has? Nope, Nuggets ran only 8 bodies tonight (no Chandler)

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