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Default Re: Let's start with the predictions - FIRST 10 GAMES

Originally Posted by Clutch
That's not an easy thing to do. I doubt we'll beat them by 22+ points.
I would be happy with a win,no matter if it's 1 or 50 point win.
Actually I would maybe even prefer a 1 point win,I want to see a close game.

Usually I'm all nervous during games but with the Knicks winning by 20 points in the first 3 games I have never felt so calm. I actually miss being nervous once in a while

You shut your mouth right now lol Don't you jinx us!

I wont lie I wouldnt have mined them trading for Mayo but it would have depended on the price. The first 2 years he was exceptional but after that there just wasnt much talent shown in the role he had.

Supposedly, two years ago we balked on the opportunity of trading for Mayo for Landry Fields. Mayo's drop in production and demotion came because of that off the court stuff; not because of his play on the court.

The Mavs game will be a tought one. They are overachieving just like us and have veteran guys who have pride and toughness too. Rick Carlisle teams don't just lay down. He's a top 5 coach in the league IMO
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