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Default Re: Week 10 Game Thread and Discussion

Just think if the Colts were as bad as some thought they'd be? This Thursday night game would have almost no intrigue.

For awhile I was getting a little annoyed with how much love Robert Griffin was getting (although it was warranted) while Luck was getting almost nothing, despite having a very good rookie year himself. Now I kinda wish people would slow their roll a little bit with all this playoffs talk and whatnot. I'm more excited and as surprised as anyone that Indy is 5-3 right now, but I still don't feel like they're a "good" team if that makes sense. The running game has been decent the last few weeks, but there's no one back there that really instills confidence in you as a legit and consistent go-to back. The offensive line is bad and the defense is pretty meh. Maybe not as bad as I thought they'd be, but it's still not really a good defense.

This game just has "letdown" written all over it, but that could be the pessimistic Colts fan in me talking. Luck and the team has gotten all sorts of love since Sunday and they're actually playing a game almost everyone expects them to win for the first time all season. A loss tonight to a really bad 1-7 Jaguars team without MJD and all those warm fuzzy feelings go away.
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