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Default Re: Gaming Nostalgia

Vanilla wow was awesome, I only made it as far as MC but it actually felt epic and social getting groups together back then. 5 man dungeons were worthwhile and fun and epics actually meant something. I remember seeing people decked out in instantly recognisable gear sets and everyone milling around just to inspect them. If they did an EQ and released a server locked on Vanilla WoW i'd probably sub up to play it (and don't tell me to goto a private server).

I've got a couple of arcade cabinets set up with old school games, ones got a couple thousand mame games on it and the metal slug series, 1940 series, raiden, tmnt, x-men are all classic arcade games. My other cabinets got shooters, can't beat time crisis and house of the dead (I love the voice acting "don't come! don't come!")
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