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Default Re: Week 10 Game Thread and Discussion

Originally Posted by Tarik One
They'll most likely go into a losing skid (3 of next 4 or 4 of 5). Happens all the time in this league. They will still be in the playoff hunt though.
Well, the schedule isn't exactly favorable either down the stretch. So yes, a losing skid to finish the season wouldn't surprise me.

at Patriots - L
vs Bills - W
at Lions - L
vs Titans - W
at Texans - L
at Chiefs - W
vs Texans - L

That's probably best case scenario, too. Like InspiredLebowski said, none of their wins until tonight have been easy. Three point wins over the Vikings, Packers, and Dolphins and a four point win over the Browns; and an OT win over the Titans. That's the other five wins on the season. So, I don't think any of the final seven games will be easy. I know the Bills suck but, to be honest, losing that one wouldn't be a shock. And I know the Chiefs suck too, but that's a hard place to win, especially with a rookie QB behind a real shaky (and by shaky I mean bad) offensive line.

Hell, to be honest, we could go 0-7 to finish the season and I wouldn't be all that surprised. Again, like Lebowski said, there's still a ton of major deficiencies on the team. The defense doesn't force turnovers, is banged up, and on a good day they're decent. The offensive line is ever changing due to injuries, and wasn't any good when everyone was healthy. And the running game is wildly inconsistent and, more times than not, bad. Like I said, I honestly have no f***ing clue how they're 6-3 but I'll take it. But they've got to be one of the least impressive and least intimidating 6-3 teams in recent memory.
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