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Default Re: Fire Mike Brown!!!!!!

Originally Posted by DKLaker I read it and commented.......with less optimism than you you see why I wasn't so excited about beating Detroit now?

I already knew your point. My point was, if that effort was carried out against other teams, theyd be wins. However watching the Jazz game was an indicator that Mike Brown lost this team. He can beg, and pay them on top of their initially large salaries, and they still won't be motivated.

At this point a coaching change is necessary. Some idiots on the radio said make a trade, but thats just stupid. We got everything we need to win.

I'll list what I didn't like between training camp and now;

Princeton offense - To use this offense, there needs to be both of these scenarios. a) When your team does not have a pass first point guard, and b) when your center is an unselfish player with a high IQ (i.e. pau, divac).

This offense is overkill for the team that is put out there on the court. You take a fresh oven made pizza, and you heat it in the microwave right after it was made....same thing. Didn't need it, and it actually burned the pizza. It completely rendered Nash useless.

The thing that irks me more about the princeton is the double standard involved. Apparently Mike Brown was initially hired over Rick Adelman because they didn't want Adelman and his princeton offense because its "too similar to the triangle offense". It was something they wanted completely done away with. Suddenly Mike Brown says we should run it, and the FO is okay with it?

Last point to make about this is, last season's "system" Mike Brown ran was actually much better than what they're trying to do this year. All we needed was Nash, Dwight, and players like Nash to be given full control of decision making on the court. Since Mike Brown is still a relatively new coach, his lesson learned from this stint with the lakers (as I expect it to end soon now) is that change must happen if only necessary. Case in point when Avery Johnson made a change in the starting lineup against the warriors in the playoffs. It was a change that was not only unnecessary, but also harmful as the team went on to lose 4-2 to the warriors.

He tried to overachieve and underachieved big time. While I like the guy and hoped he'd turn it around, there can only be so much mediocrity before anyone starts to catch on. And mediocrity hadn't had much to do with the record (1-4) as much as it did with the fact that the players aren't playing with passion. Some of them look like they can't wait to leave the game. This should never happen. I guess the saying is right where people say "you can't pay me enough to (fill in what you dont want to do)". Sad to say that it looks like we couldn't pay these players enough to play under Mike Brown. He needs to be relieved of his duties (I hate the word fired lol) and perhaps become an assistant to another coach, or even video coordinating. I heard he was great at that.

Another thing that needs to happen is Kobe needs to stop. I don't know what he's doing. I don't know what to call it....but seriously...stop. Stop telling the fans to shut up. Stop calling them idiots. Stop saying you're going to retire in 2 years, only to change your mind and say you're playing until we hate you. Stop shooting so much at the end of blowouts because thats whats going to drive Dwight Howard away. Wanna know why Van Gundy was fired? Because he was too "negative" as Dwight commented on several times. Kobe, keep doing this crap, and not only do you leave the lakers with a bad taste in your mouth and all of ours, but we also lose Dwight. And why the hell keep Pau Gasol at that point? Just fire everyone. Trade everyone away. Fire the fans, fire Los Angeles....I can clearly keep at this rant. But I don't want to bore you.

Things need to change.

My plan:

1) Hire Jerry Sloan

2) Play freaking whatever the hell is name is that we signed from philly, because he's a young energetic dude with a really good future. I can't stand how Mike Brown never played Kapono either. Brown seems to hate sharp shooters. Somebody put whatever the hell is name is on the floor.

3) Dwight and Kobe BOTH need to be named captains because at this rate, Dwight is our best player. Not fu*king Kobe. Dwight is playing well for a guy that came off surgery and his numbers are still super star like. This is now Dwight's team because regardless of what happens, Kobe is staying a laker. He said it himself. Dwight however, can leave at season end....which sad to say, is looking like its more of a possibility with too many d!ckheads in this organization.
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