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Default Re: 2012-13 regular season!

Originally Posted by El Kabong
Probably be hard to trade him. Package him with Jefferson? Anyway, maybe they should move him to 6th man and give Burks a run as a starter? Or even go with Foye at 2 and Hayward at 3. Could even move Millsap down to the 3 and start Favors. Plenty of options on this team if one guy isn't firing, it's good to see.

He's tradable. Depends on what they want to take back.

Wouldn't want Burks and Hayward starting together but Hayward makes sense off the bench if Foye is at the one but the rotation hasn't been constant and I'm not sure it should be. Wouldn't want Foye starting either. Demarre maybe but again he's not playing every game and either is Burks so I doubt it will change. Might try Millsap and see how it goes but he's a top 4 already I'm not sure starting him at the 3 is the way to go but Favors is looking good and the big line-up has had a lot of success. Yes Corbin needs to be flexible with the rotation at least.
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