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Default What are the ex-Knicks doing ?

This thread should be used to comment on any player that wore a Knicks uniform.

Here are the stats of some players that played for the Knicks in the last 2 seasons.

Jeremy Lin (HOU): 13 PPG,5.5 RPG,7 APG, 36% FG, 23% 3-pt
Toney Douglas (HOU): 2 PPG,1 RPG,1.8 APG, 11% FG, 0% 3-PT
Landry Fields (TOR): 2.4 PPG,3.2 RPG,1.6 APG, 21% FG, 0% 3-pt
Jared Jeffries (POR): 0.8 PPG,1 RPG,0.2 APG, 33% FG, 0% 3-pt
Danilo Gallinari (DEN): 14.3 PPG,7 RPG,2.8 APG, 30% FG, 19% 3-pt
Roger Mason (NOH): 4.5 PPG,1.8 RPG,1 APG, 36% FG, 40% 3-pt
Wilson Chandler (DEN): 6.3 PPG,5.3 RPG,0 APG, 27% FG, 29% 3-pt
Timofey Mozgov (DEN): 5.4 PPG,4.1 RPG,1 BPG, 53% FG
Anthony Randolph (DEN): 7.4 PPG,3.6 RPG,1 BPG, 47% FG
Ronny Turiaf (LAC): 1.4 PPG,2.2 RPG,1 BPG, 67% FG

I'll update the stats every now and then.

For start,let's see how Turiaf's doing
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