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Default Re: What are the ex-Knicks doing ?

Originally Posted by franchize
I don't miss any of them lol. I think this kind of puts the "we shouldn't have traded for Melo" thing to rest lol

Those guys went on to get contracts we couldn't afford to give them. Not if we wanted a shot at anybody close to being a star. I liked Chandler most out of that group. If he wasn't so expensive, I'd trade for him. I think he's better than his numbers indicate. That team is ridiculously SF heavy. There just isn't enough time in a game to play him, Iggy, Gallo and Brewer. I think he'd fit in well with us. He plays D. He rebounds. He scores from multiple places on the court. Randolph and Mozgov also wouldn't be terrible to have for the right price. I think Randolph, out of anyone, would be he guy I'd want back. He's cheap, he's talented and he could contribute almost immediately.

This sums it up pretty well.

Don't miss any of those guys to any large degree.
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