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Default Re: Why aren't I getting better?

Originally Posted by Rake2204

It is my belief that self-confidence is tied to a lot of the things we do. I would agree things might be askew if someone's entire sense of self worth were tied to their jumper, but I don't think anyone's suggesting that here. I just haven't a doubt in my mind that often, when someone becomes skilled or talented in a certain arena, it feels good, and it feeds the ego to some respect. If I was a boss at Scrabble, and my friends knew that, that'd make me feel good. If I cooked a mean batch of french toast, that'd make me feels good. It's similar with basketball. Knowing the work I put in has paid off in me being able to perform well is something I enjoy doing, that feels good.

I don't even know if its self confidence but it makes you feel good for working on something and getting better at it. I never really played basketball but I competed in power lifting in and after college then mountain biking and for the last few years I've been playing and coaching basketball. I gives me something to work for and a release from work. It's definitely not my life but its a nice break from it
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