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Default Re: Halo 4 and Halo CE anniversary edition announced

Originally Posted by Rose
I actually somewhat prefer the new rumble pit-esque mode. Although I'm not entirely sure on it. oddball sucks though. AND WHERE IS MY GRIFFBALL!!![/QUOTE]
I could have sworn i read an interview saying how much better they made griffball now but where the hell is it?

Also where is SWAT?

Maybe by the end of the month we will get some answers.
Apparently SWAT for the time being is just a customs game mode. But is coming back soon. No map? That was in reach, I dislike that a lot. Just give us SWAT and SWAT Pro. Also their explanation for not having it on launch? by the numbers, wtf? SWAT was ALWAYS in the top 3 busiest modes on reach, and still is. And apparently griffball's "ground up rebuild" is more of the same? Thanks M$.

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