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Default Re: Frustration is kicking in...

Originally Posted by baller03
What the hell is going on here. We have no defense, no offense, no rebounding. Our offense is so stagnant and the opposing teams know exactly what we are going to do all the time. What do we have to do get this team turned around and start competing. My patience is running short when I see no motivation from the players to even hussle for the ball. Also, Ross is getting minimal playing time especially behind Anderson (is this dude really our future?). Let's get JV more touches in the post and run some PICK AND ROLLS for this dude he made a living out of this on his previous team.

What are your thoughts ?

Team's makeup is terrible. Outside of lowry/jv and Derozan's pleasant start (minus the opener) this team doesnt really have much going for it.

Dont let whatever bs BC and co spew out get to you. This team isnt good enough to be a playoff team. Even if lowry decides to stay in this **** hole and jv/derozan hit their potential this team isnt good enough to be a perennial contender. (I would think they would be an allstar sf away, dont know where he'll come from though). But I see where you are coming from, they should give the young guys alot of burn (ED, JV, Ross) and see what they have.
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