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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

The Good The Bad The Weird - 8/10
A very entertaining film, loved the oriental western style. There was lots of action and some badass shooting scenes. The Weird was absolutely hysterical. Great film!

Flight - 6.5/10
I had great hopes for this film after the reviews that I read...but it lacked very much in terms of entertainment after this first 20-30 minutes of course. This was good in part because the rest of the film was slow and incredibly realistic. The ending was very predictable though. John Goodman was brilliant in his small role as a drug supplier for Denzel's character. I didn't like the side story of the heroin addict lady who meets Denzel, felt rather forced and fake. Overall worth a watch because it's powerful as something that could happen...but would probably wait for redbox.
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