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Default Re: bustinBytches new album wont be release this year

guys i hate to leaking music. I HATE THESE LEAKS MUSIC! i well never make alot listens to a leaked music. i wont there cquality non leakeng music . these leaks is ablood flowing to the leaks. but man these the craziest bustinBytches song all times!!! the bustinBytches makes a track with Tommy Baggman!!! thats is right the biggest bust rapper in whole iceland!!! no one make a bust tracks like he do !!! bustinBytches makes the bests lyrics and beats and bust combine but a tommy maker the best bust songs !!

check these out !!

what to you guy think ?? is these best bustinBytche song all time ?? is there to much bust?? do the are to competition to make a track together?? man these the most bust i ever seen bustinbytches do i think it realley obvious tomm ybaggman make alot to the influence song, i dont not nkow how the do it!!! these a great track man i really think the bustinbytches will bring the bust to the new album
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