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Default Re: Fire Mike Brown!!!!!!

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Uh......I'm going to do what I didn't do before with the Magic J thing.
Sloan never won an NBA title.
I have 3 friends, NBA veterans now retired, who were longtime members of the Jazz under Sloan and they have nothing but the highest praise for him........and yes, he is a dominating figure who doesn't take an inch of crap from anyone.
I don't know how Kobe & Dwight would get along with him, they have never been told NO in their lives. Karl Malone was even scared of Sloan.
I wouldn't be surprised if DWill almost got into a fight with him, but I wouldn't be surprised, these NBA guys now know they have all the power and think they know it all, don't want to listen, not like the old days.
Sloan may have kicked his @ss, you don't know how tough the guy is.
Sloan runs 45 minute practices, not 2-3 hours and I mean he's in his car by the 47th minute.......but he gets more done in those 45 minutes than most get in hours.

Lakerfreak Mike Brown's offense was so terrible that they threw it out immediately following the season, you may say this one was worse, I will tell you that both were so terrible that it didn't matter.
I have to say I LMAO at your cursing tirade post.....I have never ever seen you write cursing stuff, I couldn't stop laughing.......I had to look at what time you wrote it.....1:45 am? You had to either be tired or
Not knocking you, say what you like, however you was just funny.

I pray they don't think Bernie Bickerstaff can coach this team.....we need a top coach!!!!!

They should have at least fired the moron when last season ended.

I know he hasn't won a title, but lets look at the accomplishments for a second....he made the finals, twice. Each year he reached the finals, he won 2 games each appearance, against the almighty, jordan-led, bulls. Nobody beat that team ever. You can almost give a ring to any of those teams that played the bulls had they faced anyone else. The great thing about it, he didn't need that much talent. He had a great point guard, and a great power forward. Everyone else took care of their roles.

If Karl Malone and Stockton were afraid of messing up in front of Sloan, imagine Kobe and Dwight. Karl Malone was the most stubborn NBA player. Kobe knows to listen to coach. He also knows how to conform to win. Don't you remember when starbury was having his issues with Larry Brown, Kobe through the media said to marbury "listen to larry". Kobe knows, and if Dwight wants to win, he'll also listen.

lol I was very tired and frustrated from a very eventful day. You'll find me like that sometimes. My apologies

I know Mike Brown's offense was bad last season too. At this point though, I believe that it would have been better than this year's offense. Brown's offense last year depended on Kobe and Ramon's decision making. Leaving that to Nash this season would have produced slightly better results. Thats just my humble opinion anyways.

Edit: I don't think Bernie is in their long term plan. He's obviously going to stay until someone else comes. No idea what happens after. I predict they'll find a coach by 1-2 weeks from now.
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