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Default Re: Backup Plan: Who is next best coach suitable for Lakers if/when Mike Brown get fired?

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Any Van Gundy is out of the question. Jeff and Stan are very similar. Plus there might be a bias in how Jeff handles Dwight, seeing that he ran stan out of Orlando. No to Jeff. I love the Van Gundy brothers....but no way.

Jeff did mention last year that he was very disgusted with the whole Dwight situation last season a few times (he said he was shocked with the whole Stan/Dwight media conversation and he wouldn't divulge much on his personal opinion over that, you can tell he was angry but he didn't rant). I can definitely see that leading to bias with Dwight if he keeps grudges. I don't know JVG well enough to know what sort of person he is and whether he would hold grudges over it this long..
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