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Default Re: Ebanks arrested today on suspicion of DUI

I don't really care if someone gets a DUI under the right circumstances (nobody was hurt, was right at the legal limit, etc). There's tons of celebrities and just people in general who get these every day. I'm way more disappointed in Ebanks play on the court. Of course I never really had an expectation of him being that good in the league anyway, so disappointed probably isn't the right word. Everybody liked him when he was drafted because he looked like Ariza. The problem was his game wasn't like Ariza's.... he's just nowhere near as talented. We just have to hope that Artest will finally play well now that there hopefully isn't going to be a crazy system in place. If it's something that Artest already knows and is comfortable with he'll be fine. If he needs to learn something new from scratch it takes him a while...
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