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Default Re: Backup Plan: Who is next best coach suitable for Lakers if/when Mike Brown get fired?

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Any Van Gundy is out of the question. Jeff and Stan are very similar. Plus there might be a bias in how Jeff handles Dwight, seeing that he ran stan out of Orlando. No to Jeff. I love the Van Gundy brothers....but no way.

I was thinking this same exact thing when I was reading that. Jeff had his brothers back that entire time in Orlando. Unless we want Dwight to bolt at the end of the season, JVG is out of the question. I like him as a coach, he's good at what he does now too, but he can't be the Lakers head coach. I think he doesn't want to coach anyway. Hasn't he been rumored for other teams before but said he likes it where he's at?
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