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Default Re: I just saw the biggest rat I've ever seen in my life

Originally Posted by pete's montreux
Not myself personally, but my uncle used to work as an over-night security guard for a GE plant in Boston. He was a very short, large man, with a massive beard. He was not married, so he didn't have a wife to tell him not to eat 12 donuts a night like he did.

He always walked his route, and when he reached a certain bench, he would sit down, eat his donuts and sometimes he would fall asleep. Well, one night, he did just as I described, ate donuts, fell asleep on the bench.

He said he would've slept the entire shift if not for the constant, sleepy pain he felt coming from his chin. It woke him up. He can feel the pain coming from his chin, and half-asleep, he raises his head to see a three foot water rat laying on his chest, eating the crumbs off of his beard. He froze. He couldn't do anything until the rat got off of him, as they're unpredictable creatures around humans, and God forbid how many diseases it may be carrying.

So there he is, laying down, waiting for a 20 pound rat to finish his meal.

His version of the story is much better, as he usually adds a foot and five pounds each time he tells it.
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