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Default Even Bernie Bickerstaff is a Better Coach than Mike Brown

Just look at the job he did tonight against the Warriors. He actually kept his star player's minutes to the optimal amount.

Dwight with only 24 minutes as he recovers from back injury and slowly regains form.

Kobe with 33 minutes when he usually averages 38 under Mike Brown.

Blake with 22 minutes (still more than he should get but at least he isn't playing 36 minutes under Mike Brown) and Hill, Morris, Jamison and Meeks all getting at least 15 minutes a game. Hell, even Sacre got to play

It just blows my mind how unsympathetic or dumb you have to be to not take into account your players strengths and weaknesses. You don't play your star center still getting back into game shape from major back surgery and 34 year old shooting guard who has a strained foot 40 minutes a night.

You don't play the worst starting PG in the league 36 minutes a game EVER. Meeks finally gets playing time after being in the doghouse for who knows how long. The bench actually looked like an NBA bench tonight. Thank God is all I have to say.
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