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Originally Posted by SoulMattic
to be "equal" with EA Sports and NBA Live?? you gotta be kidding me.. NBA2K is the best simulation basketball game out there.. hands down.. the few that disagree do not know how to play simulation basketball and can only play arcade style unrealistic games like NBA live

i agree that 2k renders live obsolete. but they seriously need to make some improvements. this is supposed to be next gen. instead of just adding better graphics and animations they need to add in-depth features and new tendencies. teams don't play like themeselves in the game, the trade AI is retarded, the free agent process is useless. team chemistry system is worthless, and the "signature style" is really much nothing more than the bigger-name players having their own shooting manipulations.

new attributes that should be added:

shot selection
help defense
man defense
first step
court vision

all these aspects of the game are missing and keep it from being a true simulation.
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