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Default Re: James Harden goes up against elite defender in Iguodala and....

Originally Posted by Klazart
Patterson and Parsons are getting the same number of rebounds as Lin. They are getting crushed in the Post and getting crushed on the boards because they are soft and that is actually a huge problem for the rockets right now. Parsons also had a bunch of bad TO in this game.
Rebounding numbers can be misleading when A. Parsons is sent on the break. B. Asik is getting the majority of the rebounds as a space eater. And C. they let Li. Get boards to start breaks.

Again, you expect your guards to protect the rock first and foremost.

If you give all the credit to Lin and Harden when they win and play well you have to give them some blame as well. Patterson has shot the ball surprisingly well at least to me and Harden and Lin have cooled off a lot (Lin shot well tonight).

It's not all Parsons and Patt....the team just really isn't that good overall.
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