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He left the game against the pacers last night due to knee soreness. Damn dat shit is sad. I hate to say it but he should have stayed retired or he should go to phoenix. At this point in his career he is nothing more than a great spot up shooter but idk knoe how well he wud be able to that considering all the cutting and running.Damn

Trailblazers would be a championship caliber team right now if everything went as planned


Who stopping that starting five?

Miami heat couldnt even f.u.c.k with them

Now im forced to watch roy suffer......the crybaby lakers fire a coach that shuda never been hired in this first place (scapegoat) a surging clippers team that will get exposed every year comr playoff time cuz they have a coach that should have never been hired in the first place,a oklahoma city team that just ended their chance to win a title this year and exposing harden ( a player who plays better against opposing teams bench players and benefited from playing beside two arguably future hall of famers in durant and westbrook)

Am i the only person who feels sorry for roy?

Damn life aint fair

Life is a b.i.t.c.h so make sure u **** her every chance u get!
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