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Default How do you USA black christians feel about your Islamic/African roots?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Christianity, its a beautiful religion and extremly similar to Islam, both believe in the same one and only god and both believe in Jesus as Christians like to call him (we call him by his actual name "Yeshua Ben Yosef" but ok!) but i ask this because it is afterall a higher chance that was your true religion before you and your names got converted during slavery (Islam was before slavery, long time before that the most popular religion in Africa, today around 50% of the population in Africa are muslims, rest of the percentage is a combination of Bahai, Agnostic, Christian and so on).

Just another brother wondering, with brother i dont mean anything racial! In Islam "brother" or "sister" is a term used upon other muslims, it is actually a term blacks use today upon eachother and yes you guessed it correctly that came from your Islamic roots, i bet many african-americans dont even know that or ignore it since they are now "Christians" but still somehow use the term and act like its just a "Black thing", no its not... its a muslim thing.

Live on and live hard brothers! But never forget your roots!

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