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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Re: Preperation for much better compition

When i play against better people, and i know there better. I've found comfort in just reminding myself that they have to react to me. No matter how big ans strong they are they have no idea what I'm about to do. And second of all just don't think too much. I like to stay in that grey area in my mind where I'm aware of what is going on but I'm not second thinking anything.

Also i can't stress this enough, CONDITION HARD drink plenty of water through the week. Don't know where your endurance level is but i know there probably going to be playing faster than what your use to if you just been playing Saturday hoops, and your going to get winded real quick,

Along with that just sharpen up mentally. Remind yourself what your good at, what you bring to a team. Learn how to tune people out when there talking trash or selfish teammates are calling for the ball. Learn how to control the pace of your game. I think that would be beneficial along with some skill work / conditioning. throughout the week
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