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Default Re: Someone please trade for Josh Smith

Originally Posted by Reverend Hoops
For who?

New York.

You really can't get a better defensive fit next to Melo. There will be issues offensively just there are issues with Amare but Smith can actually benefit from having less touches.

Atanta run too many plays for him and he ends up shooting those putrid jumpers. As a supplemental offensive player who occasionally gets high pick and roll run for him he will be better.

Hopefully that will put him in a position where he either gets a face up and take it home or just put on the block.

Just stop running Pick and Pop.

Where he can really contribute offensively is on the break, Chandler runs the floor with any C in the league and Melo is usually out on breaks quickly as well. He's one of the better all around fast break bigs in the league.

The main thing is help D and overall defensive them flexibility Melo especially needs.
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