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Default Re: knicks losing lin= biggest overreaction in sports history?

Originally Posted by Rekindled
Lin is putting up better number this season than felton too.
No, he isn't.

Felton: 12.3/6.8/.404/2.8TO
Lin: 13.4/6.2/.383/3.2TO

Its pretty much a statistical wash. On the floor, though, Felton is playing miles better than Lin. If you've watched Houston's games at all, you'll see that to cut down on his turnovers, McHale has pretty much turned Lin into the "bring the ball up the court and hand it off" guy.

Lin isn't doing squat to get his team into a good flow. When pressure is put on him, like Bayless being up in his grill last night, the ball comes out like popcorn off a hot plate.
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