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Default Re: How crazy are people going to get for the retro Jordan's this Christmas?

Originally Posted by Randy
Not all Jordans are shit. I've had probably 6-7 different pairs of Jordans that I played hard in, and only 2 pairs wore out and fell apart prematurely. I wore the 11's in high school and they were, and still are, my favorite basketball shoe of all time. I also currently wear Jordans when I play, and they're holding up really well.
Yep, same here. This topic's come up a few times on this site over the years. Some folks seem absolutely convinced there's no way Jordans can be played in effectively (or without sacrificing ability or comfort). Others seem to believe they split in half. More still, upon hearing players insist they play well in Jordans, folks just assume the player in question doesn't really play hard enough to push basketball shoes to the edge.

In my case, we wore team Reebok Questions my sophomore year and I sprained my ankle in them. Due more to superstition than legitimate blame or protection, I swore off Reebok's and lows or mids for the highest kicks I could find for my junior year, and it ended up being a pair or Jordan retro V's. They worked wonderfully and lasted for years. I eventually bought the same pair on clearance a year later (while my first pair was still in use) just so I'd be able to re-up when my first pair eventually blew out.

Since then, I've almost exclusively worn Jordans on the court and they've worked out extremely well. I'm not plodding about, I'm still as fast as my body allows, I still dunk, I still do everything I can do in Hyperdunks. I've found the idea of Jordans not working for on-court wear to be a myth, by and large. And I understand people wanting to keep expensive shoes nice and clean but in my case, I feel wearing them for basketball allows me to get the most out of my money. I'm not sure I can afford to buy expensive shoes and not utilize them to the fullest. Plus, I'm not big on the casual Jordans with jeans bunched on top of them look. I respect it, but it doesn't look good on me.

Also, to meet you guys the other way too, when Starbury's were still being sold at Steve & Berry's, I went through a phase of buying a couple pairs of those every summer too, just as playground shoes. They worked very well too, but the rubber seemed to melt quicker than normal basketball shoes.

Edit: I forgot, there was one pair of Jordans I owned I actually couldn't play in: the I's. I bought them in '01 and wore them for one game. The soles felt like they were 1/8 inch thick and the in-soles shifted when I planted. Things did not work out at all and they've only been casual shoes ever since (I still own them, and they're still in good shape).

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