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Default Re: #91 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

Originally Posted by DirtySanchez
Was that Richmonds fault he was on bad teams in Sac and Was. He stilled shined and was one of the best players in the NBA.

You can pretty much say the same thing for Vince Carter in Toronto. His New Jersey teammates were better, but were still pretenders without no inside threats.

Carter got injured......a lot!

This is a myth. I would direct that maybe to someone like Grant Hill or Jermaine O'Neal.

There are only 2 seasons in which Carter missed a significant number of games due to injury:

1999: 50 games (maximum number of games possible due to lockout)
2000: 82 games
2001: 75 games (7 missed)
2002: 60 games (22 missed + 5 in the playoffs)
2003: 43 games (39 missed)
2004: 73 games (9 missed)
2005: 77 games (5 missed)
2006: 79 games (3 missed)
2007: 82 games
2008: 76 games (6 missed)
2009: 80 games (2 missed)
2010: 75 games (7 missed)
2011: 73 games (9 missed)
2012: 61 games (5 missed; Only 66 games possible due to lockout)

And hasn't missed games so far.

Not including this season, he's missed 119 (regular season and playoffs) of a possible 1046 games. Again, significant for a 2 year stretch. Ever since that time, he's been relatively healthy.

I think the main reason why people think he's injury prone is because he was thought of as faking injuries.
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