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Default Re: Preperation for much better compition

Originally Posted by JMT
Focus on your strengths. That scenario is no time to try to do things at which you're not strong and confident.

As stated earlier, be prepared for the game to be much more physical than you're accustomed to. Don't let the physical play take your head out of the game.

Move without the ball. In a charity game guys tend to be loose and lazy defensively. Be the guy who presents a good, open target.

Show no fear. Get caught looking "wide eyed" and you're doomed.

Have fun. It sounds like a great opportunity for you to see where you stand as a player.

Yeah I'm looking forward to it but it will be a little intimidating playing in front of a crowd with much better players. My biggest problem is that I seem to either have a bad day or a good day and I hope this day turns out to be a good one. Last Saturday I felt like I could get the ball anywhere I wanted to on the court and felt very confident. My team won every game we played. This week I turned the ball over several times each game and missed most of my shots. I also need to play more physical but I tend to get more physical once I start getting banged around. I give up size but I would bet I'll be the one of the strongest players on the court. One of the players played college basketball then went to the NFL and I would guess he is stronger but I spent years power lifting and can handle a good bit of weight for my 180lb frame
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