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Default Re: Fire Mike Brown!!!!!!

Originally Posted by MJ(Mean John)
It's so crazy how these list of events all took place.

It all started with the new "Jim buss" taking over and Jerry allowing him to make any moves to make sure he could run the team.

Jim wanted to prove to Jerry that HE COULD RUN a team and take them to another championship by lowering the costs tremendously.

What did he do?

He wanted to rid the organization of anything Phil Jackson related. Including not hiring shaw because they wanted to remove the idea of Phil.

Next, he tried cutting costs. Didn't re-sign brown, traded away Lamar for cap space, Etc.

What happened? Wasn't successful that year.

Jerry stayed quiet.

Jerry stepped in, said F.UCK THAT. Lets spend money Jim. You can't build a winner by trying to be a penny saver. PLUS, we have KB.

Jerry got nash and Dwight. INCLUDING trading away JIMMY'S guy BYNUM. Jerry said "tired of his shit"

Then, He let brown have his preseason.

What happens? He wasn't successful again.

Then, he gives him the regular season.

What happens?

Jerry buss didn't even give brown the shot to be unsuccessful again.
He nipped it in the butt and said "f.uck that"

Bring back the guy that is proven to work. Lol

Very well said. Really if you look at all the successful organizations in sports it starts with management and the culture they bring to the work place. The Patriots don't make stupid moves like that. The Pittsburgh Steelers don't. There's a reason that in sports that are built to have a certain amount of parity that certain teams still stay on top. You absolutely need to have smart people making decisions in the management of the organization. It's why the Cowboys will be mediocre in football
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