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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by SCY
Are you even trying to make the playoffs? Can you walk me through your thought process here? You are going to lose this week and miss the playoffs if you don't make this trade (or a similar trade with someone else if you don't like what I've been offering). Sorry for being a douche and calling you out in here, but I think it's a discussion worth having.

To let everyone else in, I've offered Issac Redman & Golden Tate for Ben Tate. This is just one of many offers I've made for Ben Tate in the last few weeks. Since I own Foster, Tate is someone I'd like to own strictly as a handcuff. Sure, it's conceivable Tate could come into value if Texans start to rest Foster in weeks 15 or 16. They'd probably have to have clinched HFA which doesn't seem particularly likely, but possible.

But, Silent Killer is 3-6, about to be 3-7. He's rolling out Kevin Ogletree and Scott Chandler in his lineup this week. Ben Tate is completely worthless to SK. He's rotting on his bench, and SK has no shot at making the playoffs where Ben Tate might potentially be useful with his current squad. So here comes me, offering Issac Redman, a guy who's currently starting and primed to put up at least RB2 numbers this week against the Chiefs. Redman certainly has more value this week and honestly probably more future value. But when you're staring 3-7 at the face, who gives a rat's about future value? This is must win territory for SK and he should be leaping all over this trade.

I'm not trying to just beat up on SK here, I think all the owners currently at the bottom of standings are missing opportunities by not trading. I'll pick on RBA for a second. At 2-7, he should be trading Darren Sproles & Antonio Brown to get some warm bodies in his lineup. By the time they come back, he will be completely out of it. Not trading in these situations basically means you've given up, which is not good for the competitiveness of the league.
I understand your argument, I just disagree with it. Golden Tate wouldn't start on my team and Isaac Redman is about to be a backup. I understand that I have to focus on winning now instead of later, but I can't get rid of the only chance I have of winning games down the road for something that I don't value very highly.
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