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Default Re: Net Fans, are you jealous?

Originally Posted by gigantes
you've never been rude to me, although i'm not terribly familiar with you as a poster. from the little i've seen, it seems like you can be generally informative at times, but also talk around things that you don't want to deal with at other times.

i like my share of debate, so don't ever worry about saying positive things around me. shit-talking is another issue.

i do agree that being in NYC, the nets deserve to have the harsh light of scrutiny shone upon them. can't enjoy the benefits without taking the negatives.

its all good to me, i don't get how there's a game ,and we all yell at each other, and im picked out as a bad person who is angry. That's kind of what normal sports fans do in NY. Giant and Jet fans make fun of each other mercilessly. I'm sure if the Nets are better ill get based 24/7. And if the knicks ever win a title (and its not some sort of bizarre dream) i will probably get banned for my celebrating.
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