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Default Re: Preparation for High School Ball

On my end, we have football guys trying out mondays through wednesdays. There's 18 original players, about 25 football players trying out, and 24 spots on the team. From my perspective I think they'll cut 4 of the weaker players from the original group and take 10 of the football players. From what I've seen about 6 of them can actually play but a lot of them are HUGE which is good because I don't want to play center/post a lot. Also the first string qb for the freshman football team is also supposed to be mad good at basketball and he played for our school's feeder AAU team so the coaches already know him so he'll probably be directly put on JV. At this point I'm 99% sure I'll make the team now I just want to be a starter whether that be on the A or B team.
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