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Default Re: Ebanks arrested today on suspicion of DUI

Originally Posted by DKLaker

What a ridiculous overreaction. You don't have a clue to the circumstances, nor do if he was barely at or slightly over than it's not too big a deal, if he was easily each degree it becomes a bigger deal.
People make mistakes.

What does this say about where his focus is as far as the team goes? What's he doing out late on a Thursday night, when there is a game to be played the very next day? What does this say about his conditioning? Is he putting in any effort to maintain a good position to stay on the team?

If you're being paid millions to be a professional, you better be ready to give your entire life to something. People get fired and are not easily hired after a DUI for a very long time. We need him too...its not like he's the last option on a team. He's actually pretty damn good.

When the lakers were focused on winning a championship the year after they lost to the celtics, there was a party thrown where all the players went. Odom had a small glass of wine. Everyone else on that team didn't have a drop of alcohol. If they're focusing on a championship, perhaps these mistakes shouldn't be made. But hey, I was raised in a strict Christian household. Perhaps I'm a bit too old fashioned...

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