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Default :pimp:Do NBA players smoke weed?

Do you remember Odom getting caught with a green thumb, twice. Damon Stoudemire had like a pound or two I think. Charles Oakley was asked the same question like 4 years ago and he said that something like 80% of the NBA was using in some way or another. I cant imagine it being that high, but I dont know. I could for sure see Darius Miles and Q Richardson getting Johnny blazed. I cant see Kobe doing it, he just doesnt look like the type.

If someone in the NBA was doing so would it be during the offseason, after a bad loss, or after a crazy win. Or would they just go nuts and make sure there lifted during the full 48 minutes. If you got high before the game would you then have to get back on that level at halftime?

I know when I get high and play ball its either I get in a zone and kill it or just dont have any game at all and get killed. There is no middle ground.

What do you think Yes -No -Maybe- or am i just a tripper?
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