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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
If we have 3 undefeated teams, aka 13-0 Oregon and 13-0 K-State with ND, then no SEC team should be in it. If it is an undefeated Oregon/K-State with 12-0 ND, I think you can make a case for a 12-1 Alabama team to be ahead of ND.

Why? ND had a very solid performance winning at Oklahoma. They've won blowouts and close games, would have had to have beaten 3 of the current Top 25 and have a higher computer ranking (today) than anyone but Alabama. When the new #s come out, they'll either be in a near dead heat or above the Crimson Tide.

So you either trust the system (ND wins), their records (ND wins), or drop them for some unknown third reason.

No love for the Irish, but I don't understand the rationale.
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