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Default Re: What will be the most heartworming story this season?

Originally Posted by poido123
Well agree to disagree and that is impossible to assess, since Oden is not currently playing and hasn't played in a long while...Durant would need to put on weight and bulk up considerably to overcome his lack of strength. And no, while the Heat are winning games, Lebron will continue to win MVP's, unless another superstar comes along with a better team.

LBJ's ability to not choke was at question, not his size or athleticism or talent. Same with Jordan, only that Jordan had trouble beating a superior team in the Pistons, until he got some actual help. Durant is different, he lacks the athleticism and he's not near the defender or size of Lebron or Jordan.

Betting odds are great and all, but three major flaws I see with the thunder is the PG has a low IQ, they lost Harden one of the key playmakers on the team other than westbrook, they have little to no post up play, and their main man is a jump shooter who cannot defend the best players in the league when the game is on the line, he is simply not strong enough and maybe doesn't quite know how to defend them either.
This isn't an "agree to disagree" type debate. You're just completely and spectacularly wrong.

You're making all kinds of declarative statements on what YOU feel, but aren't backed up objective data. Your opinions aren't facts. Remember that.

Take a look at Basketball-Reference's 2012-13 Leaders.

Review the defensive categories.

Kevin Durant is currently:

- #1 in Defensive Win Shares
- #4 in Defensive Rating
- #2 in Defensive rebounds
- #9 in Total rebounds
- #4 in Rebounds per game
- #9 in Defensive rebound %
- #15 in Steals

So, not only Durant not an inept defender due to his supposed lack of size and strength, he's rated one of the best in the game!

Do yourself a favor and review some of the information in the website I've cited. It might open your eyes a bit, and provide you with some factual foundation.

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