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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by bisk
We know that the lesser SEC teams aren't competitive enough just yet, but that doesn't take anything away from the top SEC teams. Fact of the matter is there are 6 SEC teams in the top 15 right now

Well, I'll tell you that I have very little faith in voters. Too many wishy washy rankings that make little to no sense, and it happens every year. I still remember Michigan being ranked while they were 3-2 and none of those 3 wins were even over a decent team. I remember Wisky being ranked ahead of NU despite NU having the better resume and a win over Wisky. Miss St. got all the way up near the top 10, but where are they now?

Texas lost to West Virginia who lost to OKlahoma State who lost to Arizona who lost UCLA who lost to CAL who lost to USC who lost to Stanford who lost to Washington who lost to LSU.

There's why a 2 loss LSU team is ranked way higher than a 2 loss Texas team. These top SEC teams won't lose to the lower ranked SEC teams who on their turn lose to outside conference teams and/or unranked teams. Or else they wouldn't be in the top 15. That's how it works.

I wouldn't argue for Texas, but what about Oklahoma? Their losses are to 2 undefeated teams. Those SEC teams have all had close calls (outside of Alabama) against weak opponents. Florida just had a nailbiter against UL-Lafayette, a team that was demolished by OK. St. Though, you may just say that a win is a win and a loss is a loss. I'll throw in that it's hard to compare when they're not playing tough OOC opponents. Florida does have FSU and S. Caro has Clemson, but they haven't played and that's just 2 games. What else is there? Alabama over the #4 Big 10 team?
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